250 Western Birch Golf Tees

The Ultimate Gift Box

Western Birch Black Box

Western Birch Golf Company

Western Birch Black Box


The ultimate gift for the ultimate golfer! 250 Loose Bulk Premium Hardwood Golf Tees packaged in the most classy way.

- Includes 250 Tees of your choice, a quality canvas valuable pouch with the WB logo, and 3"x3" Western Birch sticker.

- Mix and Match. Select up to 5 different colorways.

- Add Box to cart, CONTINUE SHOPPING and select 5 boxes of tees to your cart. The additional cost will be removed at checkout. 


Golf is a game of grit. Get better support with a more durable wooden tee.

Thicker 5mm Shaft

Experience the many flavors of the game and rep your favorite colors.

High Quality Ink

Wooden tees make unforgettable gifts, at corporate events or anywhere uniqueness is honored.

A Token of Appreciation