Western Birch Golf Company

Add a Cup Print on 3,000 Western Birch Golf Tees

  • If you need help with your logo in order to make sure it looks the best it can look, please do not hesitate to email us at info@westernbirch.com.

Follow these instructions....

  1. Scroll down, hit "Customize" & personalize Tee Cup with your logo or clip art.

  2. Add the customized product to your shopping cart.

  3. Continue Shopping and Add 60 boxes of tees to your Shopping Cart. You can mix and match colors. This will equal 3,000 tees total. (custom orders are shipped in loose bulk)

  4. Make sure the cost of the tee selections has been automatically removed from your order. 

  5. Check out!

Please be aware we are unable to print intellectual property that is not owned or licensed by the purchaser. 

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